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Flagship Lexus Dealership opens in Oman

A new Lexus dealership has opened in Oman (the country just south of the United Arab Emirates), and it was quite an event, attended not only by Toyota executive vice-president Akio Toyoda but practically the entire Oman ruling class.

Starting off with a performance by juggler Michael Moschen, the grand opening quickly escalated into a over-the-top spectacle:

Deeply absorbed in the performance, the guests were completely taken by surprise when a glowing heliosphere ethereally materialised, delicately floating towards the audience. Such was the effect of this performance that thunderous applause blanketed the entire seating area.

A Hollywood stunt artist made a dramatic entry from the roof-top and in tandem with the Taiko drummers and the heliosphere weaved magic on the spellbound audience. The act culminated in the much-awaited ribbon-cutting and official inauguration of the new showroom — drawing a spontaneous and sustained round of applause from the guests.

At that precise moment, the entire showroom lit up dramatically revealing the width and scale of its construction. A choreographed, spectacular pyrotechnics display followed, adding to the entertainment for the evening.

How’s that for grandiose?

[Source: Times of Oman via: Autospies]

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