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The Passionate Pursuit Version 2.0 Coming

Before launching this site in June 2007, I made up a list of rules that I wanted to follow, and the very first thing I wrote down was “Leave the site design alone for six months.” As a professional web designer, I have a tendency to tweak sites obsessively, but in this case I wanted to focus strictly on content, make sure I could keep the site going, really just get used to having a daily updated site. (I did break the rule once, when I switched the color scheme from blue to grey, but that was fairly minor.)

But now, a little more than seven months since the first post, the site is read by 1,900 people every day, and it’s time to take it to the next level. To that end, I’m currently developing the next version of The Passionate Pursuit, something much deeper and ambitious than what exists right now.

Rest assured, the change won’t be drastic by any means, and daily Lexus news will continue to be the primary focus. Rather, the new version will be a natural progression, with an emphasis on building up a significant Lexus information database (like the Lexus Body Kit series, but much, much bigger). There’s other improvements as well, but I don’t want to give away the whole surprise.

The new version is still about two weeks from completion, but I thought it might explain why I’ve only been covering the major news lately.

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