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Lexus UK updates RX Entertainment Package

The Lexus RX ICE Package

Lexus UK has debuted an upgraded backseat entertainment package for the RX called ICE, which is short for In-Car Entertainment. It consists of two eight-inch LCD screens with an integrated DVD player, USB and SD card readers, plus more:

Two pairs of infrared headphones are provided, which are about 20 per cent smaller than before, making them easier for children to use. They are now foldable for easy storage. Reception has been sharpened and there is an auto power-off function. Each tablet has a manual control panel, or a remote control unit can be used, redesigned for a superior tactile quality and ease of use.

The tablets have RCA inputs for connecting compatible games consoles and a stereo 23.5mm jack point. The screens can be operated together or independently, should passengers choose to enjoy the same playback or their own choice of video, music or gaming.

This package comes standard on the the UK RX SE-L editions, but costs £2,200 on any other version. This translates into close to $4,400 USD, making it a very expensive setup, especially when similar, less stylized options exist for less than $1,000.

Still, it’s hard to deny their attractiveness, and they would certainly be a welcome addition were you purchasing a RX SE-L anyway.

[Source: UCar Magazine]