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Lexus Video Collection: April 28th Edition

Let’s start off this latest video collection with this new commercial from Lexus USA, featuring the brand’s F Performance cars dancing around a room of Baccarat crystal:

Staying with the commercials, this LC launch commercial from Japan is all over the map:

Arthur Tussik is a body shop specialist in Russia that recently saved a Lexus NX 200t from an early scraping — I was transfixed by video of his repair:

Finally, here’s video footage of centenarian Barry High receiving his customized Lexus LS 600h — the full story was posted last week:

Video: Designing the Lexus UX Crossover Concept


Automotive design website Form Trends has an extensive interview with Stephan Rasmussen & Alexandre Gommier, the exterior and interior designers for the Lexus UX crossover concept at debuted at last year’s Paris Motor Show:

There’s also a nice collection of UX design sketches and clay model photos on the Form Trends website — here’s a selection:

(The UX remains one of my most anticipated Lexus vehicles — not only does it appeal on a personal level, but the segment is ripe for disruption. Lexus could be well positioned to replicate the NX’s success.)

Updated 2018 Lexus NX Arrives in the Fall


Automotive News has a couple key insights on the Lexus NX, including its global sales figures and the gas/hybrid split in the USA:

Lexus sells about 12,000 NX crossovers a month worldwide. The U.S. is the biggest market, snapping up about 4,000 a month. Last year, NX sales in the U.S. climbed 25 percent in a hot premium compact crossover market that rose 32 percent.

The vehicle is offered as a 2.0-liter turbo or 2.5-liter hybrid in the U.S., but the turbo variant accounts for more than 90 percent of its sales there, Kato said.

According to NX chief engineer Takeaki Kato, the updated 2018 NX crossover will go on sale in North America and China in the fall.

Rumor: Next-Generation Lexus CT Hatchback This Year?


Taiwanese website U-Car is reporting that Lexus will release a next-generation CT hatchback as early as this year — here’s a paraphrased translation:

The market was once thought Lexus intended to replace the existing CT 200h with a new crossover. However, according to overseas media reports, Lexus did not actually stop the development of a new generation of the CT 200h, and the new car is expected in August 2017 will be listed.

Even if Lexus has not yet disclosed information about a next-generation CT 200h, we have learned that it will use the Toyota New Global Architecture chassis…The next-generation CT 200h is expected to use the 4th generation Toyota Prius hybrid electric power system.

As U-Car mentions, the prevailing rumor has been thatthe CT would be replaced by a sub-compact crossover — however, a story last year from Japanese magazine Best Car claimed that both the hatchback and a crossover would be offered at the same time.

Simply put, there’s no cutting through the noise when it comes to the next-generation CT — there are rumors in every direction. Let’s take a different tactic, what do you think Lexus should do to fill the entry-level position in the lineup?

Please note, the above rendering is from Omniauto and not an official photo.

First Production Lexus LC Rolls Off Assembly Line in Japan


The Lexus LC has started production at the Motomachi plant in Japan, and the website Response was on hand to see the first unit off the line — here are some photos of the occasion:

Shinya Yamamoto was also present for the ceremony:

The Motomachi plant, which also built the LFA supercar, will produce 48 LC coupes per day.