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Lexus LF-1 Limitless Crossover on Display at DesignMiami/ Conference

Lexus LF-1 Limitless

Lexus is displaying the LF-1 Limitless crossover concept as part of their sponsorship of the DesignMiami/ conference, and the installation sounds appropriately complex:

The LF-1 Limitless will be displayed with a mixed reality installation, an evolution of the projection mapping designed by Japanese architect Socha Ichikawa of dNA (doubleNegatives Architecture / hclab). Ichikawa believes architecture’s potential is restricted by conventional methods of measuring space.

By programming computers to interpret space from an omni-directional perspective, he frees his imagination to explore new dimensions.

A video has also been released, showing the LF-1 Limitless being carved from liquid:

The Life Dramatic: Six New Lexus UX Commercials from Japan

Lexus UX Commercials Japana

Lexus Japan has gone unconventional for their first UX crossover marketing campaign, creating six small video vignettes focusing on two people living the “LIFE DRAMATIC”:

(The randomness of the cuts and strangeness of the scenes will not be for everyone, but there’s a range of emotion that’s unlike most commercials. The diner fight and the cliff-side-tumble are my two favorites.)

Lexus RC F Track Edition to Debut at Detroit Auto Show

Lexus RC F Track Edition

Just announced today, Lexus will debut a track edition of the RC F coupe at the Detroit Auto Show in January. The press release revealed little more than the image above, but an article in Automotive News has more detail:

Bob Carter, Toyota’s executive vice president for North America sales, told Automotive News: “There’s still some of us that like to drive fast, and there’s some of us that like to drive really fast. And for those customers, we have something they’ll enjoy.”

Production will be “very very limited,” Carter said.

“With the exception of LF-A, this is the fastest most powerful vehicle that we’ve ever built,” he said.

The RC F Track Edition will likely retain the ‎5.0L 2UR-GSE V8 from the standard RC F, though with a power boost that takes it past the 471 horsepower in the LC 500. As a pure guess, 500 horsepower would be a great target.

The debut will be livestreamed from Detroit on January 14th, with the RC F Track Edition going on sale later in the Spring of 2019.

Updated Lexus RX Coming to New York Auto Show?

Lexus RX Update

The Lexus RX will be getting an update next year, according to automotive industry source Just Auto:

Even after more than three years of production, the RX remains Lexus’ best seller, especially in the USA, where deliveries are on course to possibly touch the 110,000 mark by year end (98,419 YtD). The next news will be a facelift for North America’s 2020 model year, the updated vehicle likely premiering at next year’s New York auto show.

The RX facelift will likely incorporate design elements of the new UX and updated NX, with the spindle grille becoming less prominent and more integrated into the overall body.

Just Auto also weighed in on the next-generation RX and what it could bring:

The 760X series fifth generation RX should again be built in Canada and Japan. Production is likely to begin in the second half of 2021. There will be standard and long-wheelbase derivatives, and there will probably also be a plug-in hybrid or even a fully electric variant. The architecture will change, the new model to be based on TNGA-K.

A 2021 launch seems ambitious and not in line with current Lexus product lifecycles, though it’s far enough off that the strategy may change. There’s no reason to doubt that the next-generation RX will be offered in standard and long-wheelbase variants, especially when a new model can incorporate the third-row right from the initial concept.

(One thing is for certain, there’s no overstating the importance of the next-gen RX and what it means for the Lexus brand.)

Modellista Debuts Body Kit for New Lexus UX Crossover

Lexus UX Body Kit Modellisa

Japanese tuner Modellista has released a body kit for the new Lexus UX subcompact crossover, boosting up the F SPORT variant with generous ground effects:

Modellista has also developed some LS & LC inspired accents, bringing some chrome to a model with surprisingly little bling:

The body kit is available at Japanese dealerships for ¥232,200 ($2,000 USD), while the chrome accent three-pack will retail for ¥115,560 ($1,000 USD). Availability outside of Japan is doubtful.