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2010 Lexus RX 450h Colors (with Images)

While exploring Lexus Japan’s website, TPP commenter Eddie discovered images of all the 2010 Lexus RX colors: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1145”} The Cerulean Blue Metallic is a much nicer hue than Breakwater Metallic, though I’ll have to see it in person first. Also, here are the interior colors: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1146”} Personally, I’d probably go for Smoky Granite […]

Lexus Pebble Beach Song Download

When the Pebble Beach editions of the RX, ES, & LS were announced last year, Lexus broadcast the following commercial: As is the case with many commercials, the accompanying music generated a lot of interest — so much that I did some research and discovered the musician responsible was Kael Alden, who works for a […]

Lexus IS-F: Wald Sports Line Black Bison Edition Body Kit

No matter how much I wished it, these official photos of Wald International’s Lexus IS-F Sports Line Black Bison Edition haven’t yet disappeared from the Internet, so I have little choice but to post them here: Let’s get honest: the IS-F is not a vehicle that need any additional visual complexity, the stock look is […]

Lexus SC on 26″

Just in case you’ve been wondering if 26″ wheels will fit on your first-gen Lexus SC, a Craigslist seller has proven it possible: No details on if the car is from Oakland or how you’re supposed to turn the wheels, but it can be yours for only $14,000! (For more photos, check out the seller’s […]

Lexus LS V6 Coming?

According to Paul Tan, the Lexus LS may be getting a new engine option this year: This could happen when Lexus unveils the facelift for the LS, which would be due anytime soon as it was launched in the year 2007. A Lexus LS 350 could be powered by the 2GR-FSE 3.5 liter V6 engine […]

The Lexamino

Seen on the Street has spotted what can only be called The Lexamino in Birmingham, Alabama — a first-gen LS 400 with a truck bed: I incorrectly assumed this poor LS400 was the victim of some type of accident, possibly involving a Ryder truck backing into the rear and smashing the back window and roof. […]