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More Lexus Photos from the Tokyo Motor Salon

Website Speedhunters also posted some photos from the Tokyo Motor Salon, including this rather unique Mercedes/Lexus love child:

Well, considering this is Japan, I should have said Soarer/Mercedes love child, but let’s move along. Take a look at this Artisan Spirits SC 430:

Lexus SC Tokyo Motor Salon

I’m not usually a fan of such high contrast two-tones, but that looks real good.

Another one that caught my eye is BRANEW’s Lexus IS-F aero kit:

Lexus IS-F Branew Body Kit

I have to find more photos of this kit. Subtle and clean, it’s the best aero kit I’ve seen so far for the IS-F.

Be sure to check out Speedhunters other Lexus photos from the show!

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