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The Lexamino

Seen on the Street has spotted what can only be called The Lexamino in Birmingham, Alabama — a first-gen LS 400 with a truck bed:

The LS Lexamino

I incorrectly assumed this poor LS400 was the victim of some type of accident, possibly involving a Ryder truck backing into the rear and smashing the back window and roof. That would make this conversion make sense. Fortunately for us the owner of Midfield Motors just wanted an interesting ride and inflicted his creative desires upon the unsuspecting, otherwise normal LS400 several years ago. The Lexamino was his weekend cruiser.  He eventually lost interest and turned it into the advertisement you see today.

Any semblance of good taste aside, it’s hard to fault the craftmanship of the assembly. Who knows, remove the garish decals and horrific wheels and it might not be half-bad…

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