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Lexus LS V6 Coming?

According to Paul Tan, the Lexus LS may be getting a new engine option this year:

This could happen when Lexus unveils the facelift for the LS, which would be due anytime soon as it was launched in the year 2007. A Lexus LS 350 could be powered by the 2GR-FSE 3.5 liter V6 engine incorporating Toyota D4-S twin injection technology, which combines port injection with direct injection. It produces 315 PS and 377Nm of torque, which puts it somewhere in line with the F01/F02 BMW 740i.

If true, this is great news. The 2GR-FSE is the same engine used in the IS 350 & GS 350/450h, which means this V6 LS could also be offered in the same hybrid configuration as the GSh.

(Of course, there’s no guarantee that the LS 350 would be available in North America.)