Lexus SC on 26″

Just in case you’ve been wondering if 26″ wheels will fit on your first-gen Lexus SC, a Craigslist seller has proven it possible:

Lexus SC on 26in Wheels

Lexus SC on 26 in Wheels

Lexus SC on 26 in Wheels

No details on if the car is from Oakland or how you’re supposed to turn the wheels, but it can be yours for only $14,000!

(For more photos, check out the seller’s Photobucket.)

[Via: Club Lexus]


  1. who makes those rims
  2. HOLY CRAP THAT IS "THE" STUPIDEST THING EVER. You ruined an awesome car just to make it look ***.
  3. Good way to spoil a beautiful car...:`-(
  4. moe

    thats my cousins car and u guys cant appreciate the fact that he was the first one to do this
  5. moe

    @David: the rims were straight from the store home boy
  6. Ok, I'm shutting this down -- I can see where this is headed. Comments closed.