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Lexus LS 600h L Website Launches

The LS 600h L is now available for pre-order from Starting at $104,000, there are three package levels ranging from $4,000 to $12,570. When will the LS 600h L actually arrive in North America? No official word yet, but my guess would be some time in September.

Lexus Launching Hybrid-Only Model in 2009

Today brings an announcement from Lexus that they will be releasing a dedicated hybrid model in 2009, at a price level sandwiched between the IS and ES models: “Hybrid is the brand-defining technology for Lexus,” said Steve Settle, the head of Lexus in the UK, during an interview with Automotive News. Three of Lexus’s current […]

The RX That Never Got a Chance

The transport of vehicles worldwide is not without its casualties, as this RX had to learn the hard way: You can see more photos of the destruction over at English Russia, if you’re feeling particularly sadistic. Update: The full story has appeared in English Russia’s comments section: Ten new Toyota vehicles with a value of […]

The Lexus IS Holographic Display

In 2005, Lexus created an holographic installation in a rented Times Square storefront, and even two years later, it’s an absolute marvel: This is an amazing application of technology, spectators were able to rotate, change the hologram’s color, set it in motion. Created quite a scene, by the looks of it. I wish I had […]

Lexus of Santa Monica Unveils New Showroom

Lexus of Santa Monica has taken the dealership experience to a entirely new stratosphere, installing the cars in a place that looks more like a villa than a showroom, with fountains, a grand piano, chandeliers, and even a cobblestone drive. Quite a departure from the antiseptic look of the usual standard. I’m not entirely sure […]

Women Golfers Driven to Succeed

The U.S. Women’s Open is coming up, and in a mirror of their previous mens survey, Lexus quizzed women golfers about their commitment to the game. The results are surprisingly similar: Women are spending even more hours than men on the driving range (5 vs. 4 hours) Thirteen percent of women golfers would give up […]