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Women Golfers Driven to Succeed

The U.S. Women’s Open is coming up, and in a mirror of their previous mens survey, Lexus quizzed women golfers about their commitment to the game. The results are surprisingly similar:

  • Women are spending even more hours than men on the driving range (5 vs. 4 hours)
  • Thirteen percent of women golfers would give up their hair for the perfect swing.
  • One out of three women golfers say they prefer to play with golfers who are better than they are (38%).
  • One out of four women golfers say they would rather have the perfect golf swing than the perfect marriage (27%)
  • 52% of women golfers check to see how many bags of clubs can fit in the trunk of a car before they buy it.
  • 43% of women who golf say the sport has improved their relationship with their significant other.
  • More than six out of ten women golfers say their friendships have benefited because of golf (63%) and another 23% age 18-39 say their pursuit of golf has benefited their job performance.

[Source: Auto Spectator]