Lexus Commercial: The Perfect Putt

With Lexus as a partner to the USGA and sponsor of this weekend's U.S. Open, it was only a matter of time before we saw a golf-related commercial
Kevin · June 16th, 2011

Dimpled Lexus LS 460L to Debut at U.S. Open

Lexus will have a one-off LS 460L to show at the U.S. Open in Farmingdale NY next week, having commissioned a full-body cover designed to look like the surface of a golf ball. Lima Ohio reports on the story behind the vehicle: It all started with mailboxes. Brad Smith began making and selling mailboxes that …
Kevin · June 10th, 2009

Lexus U.S. Open Commercial: Road Trip

The final Lexus commercial from the US Open has just appeared on the Internet, courtesy of my favorite Youtuber, bbakshow: Surprising as it may be, people searching for this commercial have made up an significant percentage of my traffic since launch, and I’m very happy to have found it. Being my first time seeing it, …
Kevin · July 25th, 2007

Lexus Commercial: Which Golfer Will You Be?

It’s starting to feel like an everyday occurrence to find something linking Lexus with golf, and today’s no exception. As part of their U.S. Open sponsorship, three commercials were made, one of which I’ve already posted about, and here’s another: I’ll admit, at first this commercial confused me, as I searched for some connection between …
Kevin · July 7th, 2007

Women Golfers Driven to Succeed

The U.S. Women’s Open is coming up, and in a mirror of their previous mens survey, Lexus quizzed women golfers about their commitment to the game. The results are surprisingly similar: Women are spending even more hours than men on the driving range (5 vs. 4 hours) Thirteen percent of women golfers would give up …
Kevin · June 26th, 2007

More on Lexus & The U.S. Open

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has given us more insight into Lexus’ presence at the U.S. Open: The U.S. Open at Oakmont marked the first time the USGA has used corporate sponsors in its history, and in the 107-year history of the Open. “American Express was the only other sponsor,” noted Vince Salisbury, event marketing manager for …
Kevin · June 18th, 2007

Lexus & The U.S. Open in Oakmont

The U.S. Open at Oakmont wrapped up today, and Lexus certainly did their part as the main sponsor of the event. Not only did they provide LS 460’s to every golfer during their time in Pittsburgh (with the exception of Tiger Woods, who drove a Buick Enclave), they created an incredibly extensive website at …
Kevin · June 17th, 2007