Dimpled Lexus LS 460L to Debut at U.S. Open

Dimpled Golf Ball Lexus LS460L

Lexus will have a one-off LS 460L to show at the U.S. Open in Farmingdale NY next week, having commissioned a full-body cover designed to look like the surface of a golf ball.

Lima Ohio reports on the story behind the vehicle:

It all started with mailboxes. Brad Smith began making and selling mailboxes that look like a giant golf ball in October. At the PGA Golf Show in Orlando, Fla., in January, representatives of Lexus asked if he could put the same surface on a car.

Smith said he might be able to do it and contacted his friend Rick Davis, who worked with him at Accubuilt in Lima for 10 years. Davis’ son, Matt, had worked with a company that had some experience with a plastic that might work.

While Lexus refers to the “firm” that is doing the project, Rick Davis laughs at the term, pointing to the two-car garage outside his home, where all the work was done.

Here’s a closer look:

Dimpled Golf Ball Lexus LS460L Detail Shot

According to the Smith, they didn’t get a chance to see if the dimples made the LS 460L any faster, but there was a story earlier this year about a company claiming a similar surface could reduce increase MPG by as much as 20%.

[Source: Lima Ohio]