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Lexus & The U.S. Open in Oakmont

The U.S. Open at Oakmont wrapped up today, and Lexus certainly did their part as the main sponsor of the event.

Not only did they provide LS 460’s to every golfer during their time in Pittsburgh (with the exception of Tiger Woods, who drove a Buick Enclave), they created an incredibly extensive website at that lets interested viewers to glean tips from the pros:

Featuring over twenty videos and articles from pro golfers, there’s plenty of proof that Lexus is taking their sponsorship very seriously.

One interesting service Lexus provided, and I would love to see an example if anyone feels like sharing, was creating a special area where people could have their photos taken on the course, which are then posted to their site for download. Pretty neat feature, it must be said.

UPDATE: I found an example of the Lexus photobooth while browsing the US Open site:

Lexus Performance Drive Photobooth