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Lexus & Golfers Are A Perfect Match

Rounding out this week of surveys and studies is a rather strange birdie — Lexus, as the first ever automotive partner of the United States Golfing Association (USGA), conducted a survey of golfers and found themselves looking in a mirror. It seems like Lexus and golfers have that very same relentless pursuit of perfection:

  • Four out of ten golfers (43%) would readily give up sex for a month in order to have the perfect golf swing! (And more than one in five — 22% — would give up their hair!)
  • Another 21% would be willing to sacrifice their next raise for the perfect swing.
  • Three out of ten golfers say if they had to choose, they’d rather have a perfect golf swing than a perfect marriage.
  • Two out of three golfers have skipped work in order to play golf (66%). More than four out of ten have skipped church or religious services (43%), and a similar percentage have bailed out on a family gathering (41%).
  • Nearly one out of every two golfers (49%) says when buying a car they check to see how many bags of clubs can fit into the trunk.

The phrasing of the results is a little misleading: Is it so hard to believe that people would sacrifice their hair or their next raise to be actually be “perfect” at something?

[Source: PR Newswire]

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