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Wald International Body Kit for the LS 460

Wald International, a Japanese tuning company, has been one of the premier body kit & modification developers for Lexus since the LS 400. The new LS 460 is their latest subject, which they treated with a very distinctive reverence:

Save for the rims, the USF40 Executive Line body kit is nothing overly flashy, and is a much more subdued look than would be expected. Of course, there’s more to it than that, as this bodykit replaces both bumpers and sideskirts, as well as adding both a roof and trunk spoiler. This package would retail in Japan for approximately ¥270,900 ($2,200USD). Add in the modified brakes and rims shoots the price up substantially to ¥2,395,000 ($19,600USD).

Wald also offers interior mods, including a full wood to carbon fibre conversion kit.

[Via: Nihon Car]

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  • May 21, 2010
this is the most refreshing beautiful car ive ever seen in my life.:-D