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Motor Trend & The Splendid Isolation of the LS 460

The latest Motor Trend editorial by Arthur St. Antoine really captures what makes the new LS 460 special:

I discovered the perfect antidote to L.A.‘s roadgoing toxins: our long-term Lexus LS 460. If there’s an automobile that better defends its driver from the slings and arrows of outrageous things that happen on the other side of the windshield, I haven’t driven it.

Mind you, the LS 460 is not a sensory-deprivation chamber in the grand tradition of Bygone Detroit – i.e., steering ratio inspired by lottery odds, body panels stuffed full of old issues of National Geographic, shock absorbers set on “Brie.” Instead, it’s almost as if the Lexus injects its occupants with an invisible dose of Prozac: You still notice the annoying things going on around you, but you just don’t care.

To me, this is the very heart of the LS experience, not to dazzle, not to push new technology, but to comfort and shield driver and passengers from the insanity of driving. The way the roads are today, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay on an even keel. Dealing with poor drivers and traffic jams and road rage is taking its toll on everyone.

Really, what other concern does a full-size flagship luxury sedan have other than to remove the stress of driving?

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