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Spy Video of the Prototype Lexus LF-A

Edmunds has managed to scare up a video of the Lexus LF-A prototype during last week’s run around Nürburgring:

Lexus LF-A Video

Seeing the supercar in motion is much more impressive than the spy photos, the speed is positively overpowering.

In their analysis of the footage, Edmunds makes some rather astute observations:

  • Judging from the roar, the LF-A will be running a V-10 engine.
  • The intake ducts integrated into the C-pillar and rocker panels could cool a rear-mounted battery pack, which would allow for a hybrid powertrain.
  • The supercar is using an automated sequential manual gearbox, which presently sounds a little rough around the edges.

No word yet whether this car will be unveiled at Frankfurt Auto Show in September or the Tokyo Auto Show in October.