Family Car Reviews the Lexus LS 600hL

The Lexus LS 600hL

The Family Car review of the ‘93 LS 400 was one of the articles I used to convince the girlfriend to buy our car, so I took a special interest in their fresh new review of the LS 600hL, knowing full well it was going to be all quality.

I wasn’t disappointed, this is an incredibly detailed road test, expertly researched and full of interesting insight:

My first impression of this new luxury sedan is that Lexus has succeeded in building a technological marvel. The quality and craftsmanship is apparent at first glance by the depth of its meticulous paint job, the one-piece chrome trim around the side windows and the close fit of all the body panels.

My first experience driving this car was surreal.  Sitting behind the wheel, with the exception of the power gauge, it looked like I was in a well equipped LS460.  That is until I tapped the start button to bring the engine to life.  No sound.  Nothing.  I do feel a cool breeze coming from the AC outlet, but the tach is right on zero.

Whenever the LS600h L is coasting or slowing down, the gasoline engine will shut off, which also saves fuel.  When accelerating from a stop, MG2 is capable of propelling the car at light throttle and low speeds without having to restart the engine.  When engine power is needed, MG1 will bring the engine to life almost imperceptibly.  The CVT transmission has no reverse gear, backing up is handled completely by the electric motor (MG2).  You rarely have any sensation of when the gasoline engine starts or stops.  This is the smoothest hybrid I have ever experienced.

Recommended reading to anyone in the market for this car, which is becoming more and more exceptional with every detail I get. Can’t wait to see one in real life.

[Via: Autospies]