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How to Restore a First Generation Lexus LS 400

Wheeler Dealers was a british TV show with a very simple premise: buy a beat-up classic, restore it, and sell it off for a profit.

In one episode, they tackle a first generation LS 400 (judging by the rims, a 91-92 model), purchased from some poor sod for £1300. Here’s the first part to whet your appetite:

Mike & Ed start off by fixing some of the standard first-gen LS 400 issues, like the front control arms and the blacked out temperature display, and taking the rear bumper in for a repaint.

They move on to modernizing the car, and some of the changes they made, like replacing the amber signal lights with clear lenses and converting the headlights to halogen lamps, really improve the look. However, they replace the stock rims with IS 300 wheels, which seem small in the wheel wells and ill-suited to the car. Still, they’re definitely a step up.

Definitely makes for some interesting viewing, and seeing how easy it is to replace those turn signals gives me some ideas of my own.

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