Lexus RX 400h, Wagoneer Edition

While I have strong doubts that Lexus will ever release a RX Wagoneer edition, one 400h owner isn’t about to wait to see. Discovered by, this one-off wooden body kit was created by Italian tuner firm Castagna Milano for someone very rich and equally eco-obsessed:

Wood Lexus RX 400h Body Kit

Most of the reactions to this unique body modification are decidedly negative, but I’m not sure I share that opinion (I’ve always had a soft spot for the Wagoneer). With the RX model being Lexus’ most ubiquitous, it’s a real challenge to stand out in the crowd, and that’s certainly not going to be a problem here.

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Wood Lexus RX 400h Detail
Wood Lexus RX 400h Interior
Wood Lexus RX 400h Side

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