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Cnet Reviews the Lexus LS 600h

The Lexus LS 600h

The latest review of the LS 600h comes from the techs at Cnet, and although it didn’t get a perfect score like the previously reviewed LS 460L, the car still came away with an exceptionally high score of 9.7/10. Mini-marks were taken away for exterior styling:

And while the LS 600h is a very handsome, refined-looking car, has easy-to-use cabin electronics, and wonderful interior space, our consensus opinion was that it just doesn’t have the beauty to push it over the top. To get a top score in our design sub-rating, a car has to be a real head-turner.

In all other respects, the LS 600h blows away our rating system. Although much more expensive than the LS 460 L, it justifies its price with more power, superior handling, and lower tailpipe emissions.

Much of the review focuses in on the technological amenities, which should only be expected considering the source. An especially geeky attention (a third of the article!) was given to a competitive parking test, as the Cnet editors battled the Parking Guidance system to see who could park the fastest. Nerdy!