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UK Chauffeur First Choose Lexus

UK Chauffeurs Prefer Lexus First

London-based UK company Chauffeur First has announced plans to go green by replacing their existing fleet with Lexus hybrids, namely the GS 450h and LS 600h.

Chauffeur-First has already taken on 18 Lexus GS 450h performance saloons, all top-of-the-range SE-L models, with two of the new LS 600h luxury saloons due for delivery and a further five GS 450h. The company hopes to order another 20 Lexus hybrid cars before the end of the year.

Its existing 62-vehicle fleet includes BMW, Mercedes and Audi executive models, as well as conventionally powered Lexus GS 300s. Chauffeur-First intends to phase these out and replace them with Lexus hybrids, retaining only a contingent of Chrysler Grand Voyager MPVs for use when extra capacity is required.

Even when looked at from a purely business perspective, this good marketing move by the company, differentiating them from what is no doubt a highly competitive business. This will also save them money, and not only in petrol; London commuters must pay an £8/per day congestion charge when entering selected zones.

[Source: Newspress]

[Via: Green Car Congress]