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The Lexus LS 600h Commercial: Fast Reimagined

The LS 600h commercial Fast Reimagined has been posted to Youtube, and it’s classic Lexus imagery:

For a little background information, I found an interview with the digital effects team at Dexigner:

For this spot’s end-footage of the car, Balden explained that the Lexus was shot with a Canon digital SLR on the end of a camera rig as a series of long exposures. … “As soon as we got a look at the first take, we were all instantly convinced that this would look great,” Balden explained. “The footage looked amazing on its own, but once Pat Murphy and I finished with it, re-editing the takes to create a sort of day-to-night transition, adding a little move, blurring the background, and playing with the reflections on the car itself, it really looked gorgeous.”

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