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A Preview of the New Lexus LX 570 has previewed the upcoming 2008 Lexus LX 570 and though they do count off all of its new features, it seems the greater question is: Why does this vehicle even exist?

…it’s odd to have a manufacturer like Lexus offload another V8 dinosaur to set foot on the streets of an ever increasing environmentally sensitive global consumer base. How long will this vehicle segment last before car manufactures reconsider their direction of innovation? Why not at the very least consider making a hybrid version?

It’s true that this new Lexus Land Cruiser is a rather significant upgrade of the outgoing model — the redesigned exterior is considerably more modern, and the new engine does help somewhat with gas mileage — but it’s a wonder that this update didn’t include the LS 600h’s hybrid engine, or that the vehicle wasn’t trimmed down to make it a touch lighter on its feet.

Lexus US Vice President/General Manager Bob Carter stated during the New York Auto Show that “LX customers have traditionally been our most affluent—professionals with families who add the LX to their stable of vehicles for its luxurious utility, versatility and capability.” Wouldn’t it stand to reason that these self-same people would be willing to pony up the extra money for a more eco-friendly version?

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