Road & Track: Lexus LS 600hL Review

The Lexus LS 600hL & the Gulfstream G550

Road & Track has served up a bit of a twist with their LS 600hL review by comparing it with a Gulfstream G550, the world’s foremost private jet. A strange association, and incredibly flattering to Lexus, but the justification is this:

When the word “flagship” was coined, I’d bet its originator had neither $104,000 luxury sedans nor $46.7 million business jets in mind, but here are two shining and incredibly diverse examples that can claim the honor. Both the new Lexus LS 600h L and Gulfstream G550 are the pinnacle of each manufacturer’s lineup, and represent the sophistication, performance and technology that come from doing something very well, over time, in ever-improving iterations.

Always a more technical magazine than their counterparts, much of R&T’s review is given to the more esoteric aspects of the car. One especially handy supplement of the article is the included LS 600hL PDF, that details the car’s specs and performance figures.