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Do Not Try This

Warning: This is not for the faint of heart.

In a bid for first place in the “Stupidest thing you can do with a Lexus” contest, an absolutely insane Saudi Arabian teenager decided to drive 150/mph in an LS 430 LX 470 at night…all while sitting in the backseat. Don’t believe me? Turn down your speakers and watch:

I had to fight myself to watch the whole thing, and instead focused on the little details, the plastic wrap on the seats, the brightness of the interior light, just anything not concentrate on the actual events transpiring. How could this even be possible, wouldn’t the car eventually veer to one side?

Beyond comprehension.

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  • J
  • November 4, 2010
it's not fake but it's easy to do.. everytime he loses focus on the road and points his camera elsewhere (not seeing the steering wheel) he controls the steering wheel a lil to the left or right. just check he's trying to change lanes if he's going far left he out-focus his camera from the steering wheel then grab it and turn right (example, he focuses the camera on the right door coz he is grabbing the steering wheel to control the car a lil bit before going out of control).. but very nice try man..