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Lexus Interiors Score High in KBB Research Study

KBB has released the “Interior Styling” results of their consumer automotive perceptions research study, and Lexus scored high in each of the luxury categories:

Luxury Sedans

1. Lexus 2. Mercedes-Benz 3. Infiniti

Luxury SUVs

1. Cadillac 2. Lexus 3. BMW

Convertibles/Sports Cars

1. Mercedes-Benz 2. Porsche 3. Lexus

From my own experience, I know Lexus would have been in tough against Mercedes in the Luxury Sedan category. Mercedes has a very commanding interior presence, and it’s no surprise that they came first in the Convertible/Sports Car category. The Cadillac Escalade interior was greatly improved in their 2007 redesign, and their first place finish in the SUV category is well deserved.

Lexus parent company Toyota almost swept the remaining non-luxury categories, with the except of Truck interiors, which went to GMC.

[Source: PR Newswire]