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Lexus Launching Hybrid-Only Model in 2009

Lexus Hybrid Display

Today brings an announcement from Lexus that they will be releasing a dedicated hybrid model in 2009, at a price level sandwiched between the IS and ES models:

“Hybrid is the brand-defining technology for Lexus,” said Steve Settle, the head of Lexus in the UK, during an interview with Automotive News. Three of Lexus’s current models have hybrid options and those cars account for 70% of Lexus sales in the UK.

Pretty staggering numbers: 70% of UK sales are split between the RX400h, GS450h, and LS600h? Wow.

Sad news though, this model will initially only be offered in the UK & Japan, with no word on its availability in North America. First the IS220d and now this? Bah humbug.

[Source: Motor Authority]