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Bizarre 2010 Lexus RX Feature from Car & Driver

This Car & Driver video preview of the new 2010 Lexus RX is worth watching if only for the last ten seconds: The all-German diesel comparisons were funny enough, but I had to rewind the closing remarks three times before I could watch it without laughing. Seriously, what strange circumstances had to occur where an […]

Lexus December to Remember 2008 Commercials

You knew it was coming — Lexus kicks offer their annual December to Remember event in the US with their Red Bow commercials. Have no fear, this year’s crop is especially excellent: Very well done. Given the economic climate and overall auto market meltdown, it’s no surprise that a slightly different tact was taken. Getting […]

Lexus Planning Four New Models in 2009

In a short interview with the Wall Street Journal, Lexus Group Vice President Mark Templin revealed that the company will be releasing four new models next year: …he’s cutting back spending now so he can invest in the marketing campaigns of these four products one of which, the new RX, was revealed Wednesday. In six […]

Full Lexus 2010 Introduction from the LA Auto Show

The Auto Channel has posted the full LA Auto Show 2010 RX introduction (listed at over eighteen minutes, but only plays for twelve): First of all, the heads-up display was shown briefly, here’s a screen capture: Hard to get an accurate idea of the new feature’s implementation, but new details are certain to emerge shortly. […]

Behind the Scenes of the Lexus ES Commercial: Cards

Last week, I posted up a new Lexus ES commercial that featured the talents of Bryan Berg, a professional cardstacker. Well, now we have a backstage pass at the making of this video: I can’t imagine the tension that must have existed on this set, considering that if the filming of the collapsing cards had […]

Welcome to TPP 3.0

Welcome to the new and improved TPP! At first glace it might not look like a big change, but I’ve made a big switch with the software powering the site, moving from Drupal back to WordPress. Don’t worry, even if you don’t know what I’m talking about, the difference is going to be apparent. Let’s […]