More 2010 Lexus RX Photos

While last week’s leaked 2010 Lexus RX photos gave us our first peek at the new SUV, the brochure photos were anything but spectacular.

Now we have some new photos to look at, and while they’re still of uneven quality, they capture the RX in real life:

2010 Lexus RX Spy Shot 1
2010 Lexus RX Spy Shot 2
2010 Lexus RX Spy Shot 3
2010 Lexus RX Spy Shot 4

I remain incredibly impressed with the new model, it’s a fantastic progression from the outgoing model. Now that I’ve examined it in more detail, I’m seeing a lot more IS than I initially thought, though I still think the main inspiration was the LX.

[Source: AutoinCar] (Thanks Richard!)