Lexus RC F: First GenerationPhotochops

Photochopping a Lexus RC F Convertible

Photochopper X-Tomi has created a Lexus RC F convertible for anyone curious what the super-coupe would look like with the roof gone. This X-Tomi’s second attempt, here’s the first from earlier this year: (Unlikely that a RC F convertible will be released due to super-coupe’s focus on rigidity and performance, but the standard RC is …
Lexus RC: First GenerationPhotochops

The Lexus RC as a Four-Door Coupe

Photochopper Theophilus Chin has created a four-door Lexus RC GT similar in concept to the BMW 4-Series Grand Coupe: Have to say, this is a real stunner — however unlikely it is that Lexus would ever release such a vehicle, I think it should be considered after seeing this rendering. What do you think? [Source: …
Lexus NX: First GenerationPhotochops

Imagining a Lexus NX Crossover Coupe

Photochopper Theophilus Chin has removed two doors from the Lexus NX, creating a crossover coupe — here’s another rendering from the back: The obvious parallel would be the Range Rover Evoque Coupe, an eminently stylish but essentially impractical two-door version of their super-successful crossover. It may be a model that Lexus will never make, but …
Lexus ES: Sixth GenerationPhotochops

Imagining the Lexus ES Shooting Brake

Here’s a funny mashup — photochopper Theophilus Chin took the Lexus ES and merged it with the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, creating the ES Sportcross wagon. (Considering the ES is not offered in Europe and the CLS Shooting Brake is unavailable in North America, it’s a strange combination — I have a hard time imagining …
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Lexus RC & Lexus NX Renderings from Autobild

German magazine Autobild has published two low-resolution estimations at what the Lexus NX compact crossover & RC coupe might look like: The hood line on the RC coupe rendering is a little awkward, but both images could be decent representations on what we can expect from Lexus in the near future. [Source: Autobild] (Thanks zverigor!)