Rendered: The Three-Row Lexus RX 350L Crossover

Lexus RX L Autoweek Rendering

With just a couple weeks before the debut of the three-row Lexus RX at the LA Auto Show, Autoweek took a shot at forecasting what the new crossover may look like with the above rendering.

It’s expected that the differences between the standard RX and its seven-seat variant will be minimal — rumors suggest the wheelbase will be identical and that only the angle and length of the hatch will change. Autoweek has obviously subscribed to this idea, as here is the standard RX for comparison:

Lexus RX Standard
Lexus RX L Autoweek Rendering

If this turns out true, the RX L is going to be a very popular model for Lexus — if anything, the extended rear balances out the front overhang, and the additional functionality outweighs the slight bulk increase.

Let’s hear your opinion — what do you think of this Autoweek rendering?