Rendered: The Next-Generation Lexus ES Sedan

Lexus ES Next-Gen Rear

Mag-X in Japan did a bang-up job of rendering the next-generation Lexus ES sedan in their latest issue.

This looks to be a continuation of the LS design, with a coupe-like roof line and bold body lines. The thick trunk and sculpted sheet metal show an ES much different that the current model — not surprising, given the ES looks to be getting its first F SPORT package.

While on that topic, here’s a Mag-X rendering of an ES F SPORT:

Lexus ES Next-Gen Front

The high spindle grille and fender flares are interesting, but the proportions seem off — a design like this would be impressive, but it looks the same size as the IS sedan.

The next-generation ES is a very significant model for Lexus, as rumors swirl that the car will become the default global midsize sedan in the lineup.