Rendered: The Lexus Luxury Minivan

The president of Lexus Manila, Raymond Rodriguez, created quite a stir earlier this month when he announced it was “only a matter of time” before Lexus released a luxury minivan.

The idea has experienced surprising traction, to the point that website Motor1 commissioned a rendering to illustrate what this luxury van might look like:

The rendering merges the LX front grille with the body of the Toyota Alphard, and the result manages to capture the otherworldy appeal of Japanese minivans. That said, can you imagine dealerships trying to sell this model in North America?

(While Lexus has yet to make a public comment on these rumors, a minivan could also explain the recent LM 300h & LM 350 trademarks.)

What do you mean with that? As in it didn't work in the chinese market? I'd say HiAce has been doing well overall, it is just long in the tooth now. But I can't imagine it not getting a successor.
It did too well that it soon got overwhelmed by copycats, due to simplicity of manufacturing...true Toyota-made HiAce is less than 1% of all the HiAce running on the roads. Same happened to the Hilux. Glad it didn't happen to the Land Cruisers, because these are significantly harder to reverse engineer.
Argh! Now my lunch isn’t going to digest properly. It’s not so much “bizarrely appealing” as just plain bizarre.
Imagine it done up full Van Kulture style lowered on Vossens. And the giant spindle would stun Kotaku commenters at 500 yards.
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