Rendered: The Next-Generation Lexus CT Full-Electric

As rumors build of the second-generation Lexus CT being released with a full-electric powertrain, Japanese website Response has developed the above CGI rendering as a possible design direction.

(It’s an interesting exercise, especially in the way the arrowhead daytime running lights cut into the spindle grille. But please, no additional shield element surrounding the grille.)

Lexus CTh: First GenerationPhotochops
I'll take on with AWD.
Too much Toyota.
Looks fantastic.....
Looks good, but not gonna happen.
CHR is going to be first full EV in China, as announced few days ago, so it could also be UX, or both.
A+ ! I had the CT and if it looks like that, I could see myself in one again.
A+ ! I had the CT and if it looks like that, I could see myself in one again.
Corolla Hatch looks good, so Lexus version can only be considerably nicer.

Considering TMC announced 10 EVs in China by 2020, so thats within 2 years, I believe they will indeed add EV versions of many of their vehicles sooner than what we expected.
Looks like a shrunken RX in some ways. Should be nice if that's anything like accurate.
Radical, but has some very good elements of design. Toned down a bit I think it will be quite special. Very pleased that the CT won't be killed off always been one of my favorites stylish and practical. A great pity Lexus did not maximize its appeal by offering an alternative power source. The Hybrid 1.8 did not suit all buyers especially the younger generation who want turbos etc.
I say bring it on. Lexus should have kept the 2018 CT here in the North America, that way the 2CT transition to include the electric version would be smooth and a nice addition to the CT line. An electric version of the CT would be great for cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Toronto, London, Shanghai and many heavily populated cities around the world. Curious on what the designation would be, maybe CT 200e?