What do you think about a Lexus Pickup Truck?

Lexus LT Pickup Truck

Luxury automotive brands have long steered away from offering pickup trucks, even as they dominate sales in North America. There have been exceptions over the years — notably the Lincoln F150 and the Cadillac Avalanche — but none have been able to make an impact before ultimately being cancelled.

This may change with the introduction of the Mercedes X-Class, a mid-size truck that debuted last year and will be available in Europe, South America, Australia, and South Africa. The truck itself is utilitarian in nature, built for a working life and less concerned with luxury, but there’s no escaping the three-pointed star on the front grille.

With that in mind, Spanish website Motor.es has invented the Lexus LT, a truck with the face of the LX SUV and the body of a Toyota Tacoma. The idea is appealing in its own way, but only as a fun exercise — Lexus doesn’t have the worldwide reach of Mercedes, and there’s a reason the X-Class isn’t coming to North America.