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Liveblogging Lexus at SEMA

The SEMA Show opens today, and I'm here in Las Vegas to cover all the Lexus announcements, and there's going to be plenty -- the next-generation GS *F Sport* package, the Five Axis Project GS, VIP Auto Salon's hyper IS-C & Joe Bacal's new LX Racer will all debut today at the Lexus display.
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A Visit to Lexus of Henderson

During last month’s visit to Las Vegas, I took the opportunity to get a good look at the newly opened Lexus of Henderson. The dealership is a massive facility and the largest one I’ve ever been to, but it’s not just the size that’s impressive, the design is pure classic — check out the showroom:
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Repainting the Lexus LFA

The Pearl Grey Lexus LFA revealed at SEMA earlier this month has led an eventful life — going from its Matte Black days at the 2009 LFA launch in Miami to its commercial appearance in Starfire Pearl — and now we can see just how the supercar transforms from shade to shade, courtesy of Lexus …

More Lexus SEMA Photos

After two intense days at SEMA and a poorly thought-out red-eye flight, I’m now back at home safe & sound — there’s been plenty of Lexus news released over the last few days that I’ll be working through, but first I want to point you towards some photos I took at SEMA for Lexus Magazine …
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SEMA: Day 1 Photos

Perhaps I should have expected it, but SEMA has turned out to be a whirlwind of activity, with little time to do much but take photos and move along to the next exhibit. First off, the LFA was unveiled at the CEC booth yesterday with two different wheel styles: The passenger-side ten-spoke alloys were a …
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Lexus SEMA 2010 Show Cars in Detail

Here’s a full breakdown of the models along with their descriptions, all courtesy of Lexus: CT200h F SPORT CONCEPT Description How do you take a fun to drive sporty five-door premium compact hybrid that has a combined EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 42 mpg to the next level? Build a CT200h F Sport Concept. Although …
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Lexus LFA Interior Walkthrough Video

This Urban Racer video of the Lexus LFA at SEMA features some nice detail footage of the interior, including a nice walkthrough of the instrument panel options: That LFA instrument panel is spectacular—can not wait to see something similar in other Lexus models down the road. [Source: Urban Racer]
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SEMA 2009 Lexus Car Guide

SEMA, the annual automotive specialty products tradeshow, starts tomorrow, and will feature seven Lexus automobiles, including the North American debut of the LFA and the winner of the SEMA Showcase contest—here’s a full breakdown of the participating vehicles: IS 300 by DAVID HUANG {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1421”} Description David Huang invested over $100,000 in his IS 300 …
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SEMA 2007: The Lexus RX 400h by 714 Motorsports & MOMO

The 714 Motorsports/MOMO Lexus RX 400h has been revealed at SEMA, and as expected, it’s a full-on cosmetic overhaul. The RX has been dropped, kitted, and outfitted with an interior makeover. However, the mesh grille, roof rack, and slightly lowered stance make up a package that resembles an overgrown Pontiac Vibe. The wheels are fantastic …
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Details on the Upcoming Lexus Accessory Line

While the official announcement won’t take place until tomorrow at SEMA, my.IS has some details on the upcoming performance accessory line for the Lexus IS. Available options include: 19″ Forged Alloy Wheel/Tire Package Performance Brake Upgrade – Front & Rear Carbon Fiber Engine Cover Performance Intake Lowering Spring Set Peformance Shock Absorber Set Performance Exhaust …
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Two Tuned Lexus Models from the Upcoming SEMA 2007

As previously mentioned, this year’s SEMA event will showcase nine Lexus models tuned up by aftermarket companies. Most of these companies make little or no mention of this fact on their websites, but two of the tuners have put up some teaser images: Blitz Tuned Lexus GS 430 The Blitz GS hasn’t gone over the …
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SEMA 2007: Lexus IS-F Events

Also announced for 2007 SEMA Show is a host of events centering around the Lexus IS-F, which will be available for test drives for the first time ever. The car will also be mounted on a dynamometer, just like the recent Taste of Lexus events, where attendees can spin the wheels to their heart’s content …
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SEMA 2007: Lexus to Launch Performance Accessory Line

Lots of SEMA news today, starting with the announcement of a new performance accessory line from Lexus: “The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world, and Lexus is thrilled to participate this year,” said Brian Bolain, National Lexus Interactive and Automotive Events Manager. “SEMA is the perfect venue for …
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Lexus IS-F Test Drives @ SEMA 2007

Should you be lucky enough to be attending SEMA 2007, the premier annual automotive specialty trade event, you’re in for an extra-special Lexus treat: The Lexus IS-F will be available for test drives from October 30th – November 1st. No word if these quarter-hour test drives are attended by professional drivers (similar to the Taste …