Live Coverage from SEMA 2012

2013 Lexus LS @ SEMA 2012

The 2012 SEMA show starts today in Las Vegas, and I’ll be here covering the Lexus display, which will include the North American debut of the LF-CC concept and project cars from Five Axis & VIP Auto Salon.

My live coverage is available in a couple different ways — you can read here on the site, follow along with the @LexusNewsLive Twitter account and Facebook, or even add LexusNews on Instagram.

(Please note: You will need to refresh the page to see the latest updates — if you prefer instant coverage, you can also follow my @LexusNewsLive twitter account.)


  1. You have a great time at the show Kevin!The LF-CC is beautiful!...Can't even imagine how spectacular it is in person!BTW,is the Five Axis LS sporting Five Axis wheels?They look like NEEZ 7MODEL.Also,the SC GS F-Sport from VIP is now sporting different wheels.(not the 7 spoke Vossens.)
    • Here's what I found out: * The wheels on the Project LS are not made by Five Axis, no word on the manufacturer. * The Vossen wheels that were on the VIP GS conflicted with the Brembo big brake kit, and had to be swapped out with the Wald wheels.
    • Thanks for finding out!Ièm pretty confident on my statement with the LS wheels,but I could be wrong.You enjoy your self at the candy store, er I mean SEMA Show!
  2. if you get a chance ask if you can test drive the VIP GS,,, and give us your review.
  3. Nice photos. And that keychain is cool!
    • If you like the keychain, you're going to like my giveaway on the weekend. ;-)
    • Hey krew maybe u can help me maybe not, but I bought a Lexus GS 350 loaded about a week ago, I went to get that engraved keychain and five people before the announced they were out. Soooo disappointed. I'm a legitimate New Lexus owner. The key chain is very pretty. Can you arrange for me to acquire one? Thanks, Christi
  4. Awesome.. I really like that Lexus logo
  5. So do you like the side vents or not? :) Crazy could mean a lot of things
    • That's a fair point -- I like the concept of IS F vents on the LS, but think the black shape is too bold. That said, it is a show car.
  6. The LF-CC looks amazing - I can't wait until we learn about production plans.  The GS350 SuperCharged with the WALD kit adds very tasteful enhancements - I'm interested and eager to learn more about the added power.  I found this short video clip of the supercharged engine revving:  (not liking the sound represented but I'll reserve judgement until more information is available).
    • I have a couple videos myself, but haven't had a chance to go through them yet. Plan on uploading something in the next couple days.
    • Have a great time Kevin!!! It should be on the Dyno today... =D ~ Joe Z
    • I'm sure if they would have captured the exhaust sound in that video, it would have sounded better... ;) We developed a Full Performance Exhaust System for this special GS350 build.. Which not only enhances the sound, but gives it the additional needed power as well. ~ Joe Z
    • Thanks Joe!  I'm looking forward to more information on the engine upgrade and eager to see the videos Krew & other's plan to post. 
  7. Can I have a custom carbon fiber keychain too? I'm not too far for Wellandport ;)
  8. The 4 gen GS's rims are UGLY.... too many spokes... and the other rim not enough sppokes