SEMA 2012: Project Lexus LS F SPORT by Five Axis

Frequent Lexus tuner FiveAxis will be bringing a modified LS 460 F SPORT to SEMA next week — Lexus has released some early renderings:

Lexus LS F SPORT Front

Lexus LS F SPORT Side


Considering the previous vehicles from Five Axis, including last year’s GS F SPORT, I’m pretty excited about this new Project LS F SPORT — SEMA is shaping up to be quite an event this year.

Update: Added two more photos & changed the title.


  1. Ugly computer images..........what are they trying to do to a great luxury sedan!!!!!!!
  2. I disagree, great images. I love it. Doesn't seem as aggressive as it could've been. I love this and the GS last year
  3. the only part i like is the rear diffuser. the rest is a complete mess and a bit too much 4 a car of this type. the Five Axis GS was nice but this is too much. maybe itll luk better in real life photos.
  4. So what will come of the GS mods they made last year? BD
  5. I think it's way overdone, don't need to push this car to crazy creations too much,it's already good looking with the F-Sport already. Well, I guess it's SEMA after all, time to have fun lol
  6. Looks amazing! 
  7. Contrary to what some of you think, I think this looks awesome. It shows that a luxurious car can also get down and dirty. Five Axis did a great job and I can't wait to see what it's gonna look like at SEMA. Those side vents. Orgasmic!
  8. I think it's a hideous mess. Does dot fit the image of this car at all. Way too much unnecessary busyness on the rocker panel and front fender.  What they did on the 2013 GS was pure art, this is a contrived wreck.
  9. Looks freakin sweet love it.
  10. Wow! Doing this to an LS is just moronic. Ugly, just like their GS was ugly too.
    • Not sure how modifying a LS is moronic. Anyways, I think the renderings look awesome and I'm sure the real thing will look great too! FiveAxis always pulls through with good stuff for SEMA.
  11. please LEXUS put the 5.0 twin turbo 650hp of the LS - TMG and named it LS-F