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Details on the Upcoming Lexus Accessory Line

While the official announcement won’t take place until tomorrow at SEMA, my.IS has some details on the upcoming performance accessory line for the Lexus IS. Available options include:

  • 19″ Forged Alloy Wheel/Tire Package
  • Performance Brake Upgrade – Front & Rear
  • Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
  • Performance Intake
  • Lowering Spring Set
  • Peformance Shock Absorber Set
  • Performance Exhaust (A deeper-toned alternative to the currently-available HKS exhaust)
  • Sway Bar Kit
  • Lower Rear Chassis Brace

The currently-available-as-an-official-Lexus accessory Ground Effects Kit and Rear Spoiler will be considered a part of this “F” line.

With most (if not all) of these accessories no doubt coming from the IS-F development, it’s an interesting strategy employed by Lexus.

There’s a general feeling, taken from the numerous reviews, that the IS-F is destined to be a black sheep in the Lexus lineup, the ride too harsh, too much emphasis on performance. But if this performance line does adopt the “F” moniker, it all makes a lot more sense. “The IS-F ride too harsh for you? Too fast? Well, just take your IS 250 and mod it to your heart’s delight.”

[Source: my.IS]

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