Lexus SEMA 2010 Show Cars in Detail

Here’s a full breakdown of the models along with their descriptions, all courtesy of Lexus:


Lexus CT 200h F Sport Concept


How do you take a fun to drive sporty five-door premium compact hybrid that has a combined EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 42 mpg to the next level? Build a CT200h F Sport Concept. Although this vehicle is just a concept, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.


  • F Sport 18×8.0-inch alloy wheels with Pirelli PZero Nero 225/40R/18 front and rear
  • F Sport high performance Big Brake Kit – Front with 12.9 x 1.1-inch cross-drilled rotor
  • F Sport performance adjustable suspension and adjustable dampening shocks


Lexus HS 250h for SEMA 2010


Lexus’ first dedicated luxury hybrid, the HS 250h, isn’t a stranger to modification by Vip Auto Salon. They’ve modified green before and they’ve done it again. A WALD aerostyling package, Huper Optik ceramic-based window film and Lexus OEM Japan-market window visors conceal this fuel sipper’s hybrid essence.


  • Work Gnosis GS4 machined center disk, gloss bronze anodized outer barrel, 20×8.5-inch ET30 A disk front and 20×9.5-inch
    ET 35 A disk rear
  • Performance Tube Systems Joe Z Series axle back system
  • Custom interior by Vip Auto Salon and Top Stitch
  • Exterior and interior premium light packages provided by VLEDS

GS 450h by O-60 MAGAZINE

Lexus GS 450h SEMA 2010


Going green doesn’t have to be boring. The stock GS450h hybrid luxury sport sedan has smooth and powerful acceleration and blends refinement and sportiness. 0-60 Magazine envisioned its GS 450h with enhanced performance and handling upgrades to challenge the road or track with hybrid driving pleasure.


  • Brembo Gran Turismo high performance brakes
  • Rays Engineering, Volk Racing TE37 SL, mold formed forged racing wheels
  • TEIN USA Super Racing coilovers
  • GReddy Performance custom Titanium Race exhaust system
  • Custom Carbon 5-piece body kit


Lexus LS 600hL by Fox Marketing for SEMA 2010


This LS600h L rolls like no other in the prestige luxury segment by going “green” with a BASF Glasurit 90 Line Glacier Green and Satin Black exterior. The Artisan Spirit body pieces, smoked rear taillights, and custom adjustable ride height make you forget this LS features Lexus Hybrid Drive technology.


  • Artisan Spirit front bumper, front fenders, side skirts, rear bumper, dual HID fog lamps, light bar, roof wing, rear deck wing
  • Rotiform concave BLQ wheels with candy copper finish, 20×9.5-inch front and 20×10.5 inch rear
  • Lexus/SSBC Modified 6-piston calipers, 14.1-inch rotors, front and 4-piston calipers, 13.2-inch rotors, rear
  • Satin black Lexus logos


Lexus LS 600hL by VIP


The LS600hL is powered by the ultra-quiet Lexus Hybrid Drive system, but this project car is sure to make noise at SEMA. A classy, custom PPG Hue of Macadamia exterior and custom air suspension will make you go nuts over this hybrid.


  • WALD Mahora M11c, machined black polish wheels, 21×9-inch ET 33 front and 21×10-inch ET 40 rear
  • Brembo high performance front brake kit with 15-inch disk and 6-piston monoblock calipers
  • Performance Tube Systems Joe Z Series axle back exhaust system
  • Custom interior by Vip Auto Salon and Top Stitch


Lexus RX 450h for SEMA 2010


Paul Tolson takes Lexus’ most popular luxury hybrid model, the RX 450h, and gives it an aggressive and clean look with its VIP-styled theme. With a Hired Gun Paint Werks widebody conversion and Leon Hardiritt Vertu wheels, this isn’t your typical suburban family ride.


  • Leon Hardiritt Vertu wheels, 21×10-inch front with -4 offset, 21×12-inch rear with +9 offset
  • Air Runner Integrated suspension systems
  • Hired Gun Paint Werks widebody conversion
  • Rotora RFK Series 6-piston custom color caliper, 355mm x 32 mm 2-piece drilled and slotted rotors


  1. I like the many L-insignias in the RXh, but some of them just look very unprofessional, and it looks like they painted over the Power-Vol and Tune-File words - obviously don't light up anymore. Still, the RXh has what I've always wanted in a Lexus. And deep-dish wheels are turnoffs for me.
  2. RDS

    Wow for the CT200h because that 18" wheel looks really great ! Wow for the GS450h because there's finally someone tuned Hybrid sedan into race car ! Wow for the RX450h because it's ... weird ! I've just realize this year's Lexus only show off Hybrid on Sema !
  3. @RDS: ;-) It's a loud one too, and they once had a Facebook page... but they don't exist anymore.
  4. that RX is fugly! No thanks, I'll pass.
  5. RDS

    @WorldofLuxury : I know that one , but ... now as "race" as the current one ! The previous one look alike One Make Race car ...
  6. What the CT F sport SHOULD look like. That RX is BADASS.. That front bumper is sick... Lexus LS looking ill as always... The GS is niceeee.. I wanna see it tracked ! The HS is okay.. could have done mroe too it tho
  7. @RDS: Trivia: that's the one that needed dry ice in the middle of a race to keep its batteries from burning up.
  8. Hmm, its a <2007 GS450h. Pre-facelift.. :O
  9. JVX

    I like the exterior look of the RX450. It has a strong and beefy look. Only turn-off is that pretzel-like knot hanging in the rear-view mirror. Fox Marketing did a great job on that LS600hl. The triple-LED projectors look great, and I love those dual foglights with chrome bezels, like found on MB. I wonder if that's the same HS250 I saw at Pursuit 2 event in Irwindale. It looks awesome in person. Besides the performance brakes and bigger wheels on the CT200h, it looks the same as the regular CT. I think the Australian has the better F-sport CT200 package: The GS450h looks like it can do a lot of damage on the race track. I personally like the Volk racing wheels the best in the bunch.
  10. @JVX: The 3 LED projectors look best in the LSh and the LF-Xh Concept. On the other vehicles, it's so-so.
  11. RDS

    @WorldofLuxury : I'd trust on that because Ni battery is kind of battery that I hate the most , I hope Toyota & Lexus use Li-Ion !