Lexus GS 350 F Sport Photo Gallery

Lexus GS 350 F Sport Gallery

Lexus has also published a set of photos of the 2013 GS 350 F Sport to go along with today’s press release:

I’m really liking the revisions to the front-end, especially the IS F style bumper — though in all honesty, I’d buy the GS F Sport for the Cabernet Red leather interior alone.


  1. That's a BIG back seat!   The fronts are moved all the way backBD
  2. Wow..a closer and nearer view of how the GS-F would look like..ON TO THE NEXT ONE..
  3. so freaking SICK.   I cant wait to see this car on the streets. This car looks MILES better and sporty then the BMW 5 , Benz E and the boring Audi A6. I love how agressive and angry this thing looks. Sitting still it looks fast.... oh boy I cant wait for people to get their hands on this car and drop it down and add some nice wheels on it.......
  4. That Interoir is sick. Best interoir in its class. Not even Audi has anything on this.  Im so pressed about this car and how good it came out. The best part about this car... Looks NOTHING like any car on the road.
  5. Autoblog seems to have photos of the F-Sport version of the GS450h in their gallery - (notice the headlights)
  6. Love it! Such a bold front end. I pray they still do a GSF.
  7. WOW!!!!! simply perfection  
  8. I really think this looks awesome, def should be my next car just the way it appears in the pictures, i honestly dont understand trolls (theres no reasoning) but how does this car look boring!? god some people. nevertheless i want to see there faces when the reviews start coming out and they praise this car.
  9. What color & material is available for the Seat ? I'm not a fan of Red Leather .
  10. One awesome sporty looking car
  11. I have seen it in person, it looks even better in real life :)
  12. This car is the perfect balance of sports & luxury.. Lexus just have crazy attention to detail.. it what makes them uniqe
  13. Better than I expected! These are much better photos to look at compared to the ones from the South Africa reveal. Too bad there's no foglights. Hope to see more photos of the rear view soon.
  14. great looking car! it does however remind me of the IS, you could even say its the next IS.