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SEMA 2007: Lexus GS 430 by Blitz

The tuned Lexus GS 430 by Blitz, created for SEMA, is a real sleeper. Done up in a tasteful custom body kit, the real action is under the hood, where Blitz equipped the GS with a supercharger, boosting the V8 up 73hp to 363hp total.

I’m really digging the embedded supercharger control in the console, which allows for three settings: off, low & high. Also included is a perfomance monitoring system, built to display through the nav screen.

Very nicely done.


  • Blitz Twin Supercharger System

      – Prototype

      – Electronic Clutch type system with activation selector switch

      Normal HP/TQ (flywheel) = 290 hp / 319 lb-ft

      *Estimated HP/TQ (flywheel) = 363 hp / 415 lb-ft

  • Blitz Sonic Power Air Cleaner

      -Adjustable Velocity stack intake utilizing a cotton fiber filter

  • Blitz Iridium Spec 77 Spark Plugs

      -Iridium Spark plugs with heat range 7

  • Blitz Nur Spec DT Exhaust System

      -Full stainless-steel system with a dual rolled tip

  • Blitz Radiator Cap

      -High pressure racing radiator cap – holds up to 18.4 psi

  • Blitz Oil filler Cap

      -Made of forged billet aluminum

  • Electronics


  • Blitz RVIT DS – Prototype

      -OBD2 Port reader with limited CAN BUS Controllability

      -Utilizes Factory Navigation Screen to view ECU Information

  • Blitz TV/NAVI Jumper – Prototype

      -Allows driver to view dvd/aux input while vehicle is in motion


  • Blitz Power Meter i-Color

      -Calculates horsepower up to 1200 hp.  Features peak hold, warning, and rec/replay functions

  • Suspension

  • Blitz Super Flex Lowering Springs

      Front: ~1.0” Rear: ~ 0.75”

  • Wheels

  • Blitz BRW Profile 09

      -CAD Designed 1-piece cast wheels

      Front: 20 x 9 +38 -Deep Chrome Coating

      245/35/20 Falken FK-452

      Rear: 20 x 10 +40 -Deep Chrome Coating

      275/30/20 Falken FK-452

  • Exterior

  • Blitz Carbon fiber front grill w/ emblem base
  • Blitz Front Lip Spoiler

  • Blitz Side Skirts and Rear valence

      – Prototype

  • Blitz i-Burner Illusion LED Lights

      -User controlled LED lights with multiple color output

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