SEMA: Day 1 Photos

Lexus RX 450h SEMA

Perhaps I should have expected it, but SEMA has turned out to be a whirlwind of activity, with little time to do much but take photos and move along to the next exhibit.

First off, the LFA was unveiled at the CEC booth yesterday with two different wheel styles:

Lexus LFA Driver Side Wheel
Lexus LFA Passenger-Side Wheel

The passenger-side ten-spoke alloys were a surprise, making for a much better fit than the driver-side five-spoke alloys are the ones we saw last week.

The Lexus tent was hopping with a custom t-shirt press, with one design featuring the hybrid model names as dots on dice:

Lexus Dice T-Shirt

The cars were clustered together, here’s some various shots:

Lexus GS 450h SEMA
Lexus LS 600hL SEMA Fox Marketing
Lexus CT 200h F-Sport Wheels

I’ll be walking the exhibits today on a Lexus-spotting mission — for more photos of the Lexus tent, be sure to check out the galleries over at Autoblog.