Will there be a Lexus GS F? (Plus Other Questions from SEMA)

As part of their SEMA experience, Lexus USA asked their Twitter & Facebook followers to submit questions about the cars on display this year.

In the end, five questions were chosen for video responses — let’s start with National Marketing Manager Brian Bolain’s answer to the question “Will there be a V8 version of the GS F Sport, and will there be a GS F?”:

Before we get too caught up in Brian’s answer, let’s be serious — there’s absolutely no way Lexus will discuss a possible GS F at this stage. The fourth generation GS hasn’t even reached dealerships yet.

That said, compare the GS engine options to its competitors, and there’s a V8-sized hole on the spec sheet, and to me that’s the clearest indication that a GS F is on the future roadmap. My reasoning is simple — I don’t believe there’s a big enough market for both a GS 460/500 and a GS F, and since there’s no V8 option for the standard model at launch, it stands to reason that a GS F would slot nicely into the space where the GS 460 used to sit.

The other questions are much less charged — I’ve included the remaining four videos after the jump, which feature Clark Ishihara from VIP Auto Salon, Troy Sumitomo from Five Axis and Scott Pruett.

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  • S
    Shane From Australia
  • November 4, 2011
I would have been happy enough if Lexus released a GS460 F-Sport.
There WILL be a GSF. Don't bet money.  Bet YOUR LIFE on it! This is called counter-campaigning, and they need to do it until the GS Launch has run it's course successfully. Expect the GSF in 2013 BD
    • M
      Mike DeLorca
    • November 4, 2011
    I totally agree----very well said !
  • F
  • November 4, 2011
Yeah there def will be a GSF
  • L
  • November 5, 2011
I want a gs-f with a V8 engine, otherwise I'm going to Jaguar or Maserati, Cadillac .....Too bad the lexus still does not listen to customer. And one gs-f it`s the best marketing for lexus:
A GS-F will most probably be built around this time next year. Like it was said they have to wait and make sure the sales of the V6 goes well before offering a V8 version. I bet on something more than a V8. Don't expect a V10 as it would cost too much and that engine will remain exclusive to the LFA for Lexus and next gen. Esprit for Lotus. I think and hope they come up with their first forced inducted engine with the GS-F. They know they can, they will.
My Question is not the GS now i saw and read in a lot of posts that the new 3rd Gen IS will be found at TOKYO MOTOR SHOW  is any one have a solid info about that?
I really interested CT200h love the car!!!!
  • N
  • December 7, 2011
If there is going to be a gs-f I would defiantly get it