Fox Marketing Lexus IS F & IS-C Get Crushed

Fox Marketing Lexus IS F & IS C Destroyed

The last few days have not been kind to Lexus automobiles — first it was the Belgian hacksaw attack on a LS 400, and now we have two SEMA show cars built by Fox Marketing being destroyed due to federal regulations:

(For reference, here’s the 2009 Twin-Turbo IS F & 2010 IS-C in the good ol’ days.)

In talking with Brian Fox, I knew this day was coming — all show cars have a limited life and can’t be resold because to the legal ramifications. Still, it’s sad to see it end this way — nothing prepares you for the sight of two perfectly functional cars being crushed.

Update: The reasoning behind these vehicles being crushed is confusing at best, but TLE commenter JoeZ has a good explanation:

The reason is because the cars are brought into the country as “Manufacturer Tester Vehicles”. These cars were developed before production started on the assembly line and are mostly hand built. These cars do receive temporary registration, which allows them to be driven, but like the car themselves also have a “Time of Expiration”

Lexus allowed the use of these pre-production cars to “Showcase” how they can be modified in the hands of car builders… With the knowledge that within several years, they would have to be pulled of the road and also destroyed.

(Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)