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Two Tuned Lexus Models from the Upcoming SEMA 2007

As previously mentioned, this year’s SEMA event will showcase nine Lexus models tuned up by aftermarket companies. Most of these companies make little or no mention of this fact on their websites, but two of the tuners have put up some teaser images:

Blitz Tuned Lexus GS 430

The Blitz GS hasn’t gone over the top with external modification, there’s a front lip spoiler and side steps, and more than likely a rear lip spoiler, but I imagine most of their entry is going to be under the hood. Surprisingly, I like the gold rims.

BRS Autodesign Tuned SC 430

BRS Autodesign Tuned Lexus SC 430

The BRS Autodesign SC, however, is completely kitted over, including giant vented front fenders, a fat front lip spoiler, huge wheels, massive side steps and an enormous rear trunk spoiler. I love this one from the front, but the lack of rear under-spoiler ruins it.

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