Liveblogging Lexus at SEMA

Live Blogging from SEMA

The SEMA Show opens today, and I’m here in Las Vegas to cover all the Lexus announcements, and there’s going to be plenty — the next-generation GS F Sport package, the Five Axis Project GS, VIP Auto Salon’s hyper IS-C & Joe Bacal’s new LX Racer will all debut today at the Lexus display.

I’m getting all packed and ready to head over, and will liveblogging throughout the day. Let’s get started!

5:52 EDT: Check out the badging on this DUB Lexus LS 460:


6:16 EDT: About to take my GS Joyride with Scott Pruett:


5:20 EDT: Your GS F Sport test drivers: Joe Bacal & Scott Pruett:


5:04 EDT: The Project GS from Five Axis:


4:50 EDT: The GS F Sport has the largest tires ever sold on a Lexus sedan:


4:40 EDT: New Lexus vice president of Marketing Brian Smith is up on stage, getting ready to pull the cover off:


4:39 EDT: Trying to peer through the cover of the Project GS:


4:29 EDT: The GS F Sport debut is just minutes away:


4:25 EDT: Just minutes before the GS F Sport launch:


1:44 EDT: Take a look at the size of these wheels on Joe Bacal’s LX racer — F Sport!:


1:35 EDT: A quick look at the rest of the Lexus display:


1:28 EDT: Jumped straight to the Lexus tent – the GS F Sport is currently under wraps:


12:56 EDT: Finally arrived at SEMA — I don’t think there’s a more overwhelming car show in the world.