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More Details on the Pearl Grey Lexus LFA

Last week, we caught our first glimpse of Lexus USA’s color-changing LFA — which now sports a Pearl Grey exterior after spells of being Matte Black & Starfire Pearl — and now Inside Line has published the first set of photos:

Pearl Grey Lexus LFA Front

Pearl Grey Lexus LFA Side Profile

Pearl Grey Lexus LFA 3/4 Profile

There’s also a shot of the reworked interior:

Pearl Grey Lexus LFA

As for the reasoning behind painting the LFA once again, Lexus Magazine has the story:

Pearl Grey Lexus LFA Paint Process

With the SEMA aftermarket auto show coming up in November, the time had come to give the North American LFA prototype a new look, inside and out, for the 100,000 expected SEMA attendees.

The work itself was carried out by B.A.D. Company (aka the Big American Dream Company) this September.

Lexus basically gave B.A.D. Company 10 days to transform the LFA’s exterior from white (actually Starfire Pearl) to a darker color, and while they were at it, recover the seats in fresh, semi-aniline leather.

Switching up the LFA for the world’s biggest automotive trade show makes a lot of sense, given that attendee would be quite familiar with the supercar in white.

I really like the color choice, personally, and it makes a lot of sense considering the flashy yellow LFA that’s sure to be making an appearance at the show as well.

[Source: Inside Line & Lexus Magazine]

I like the gray too, and good thing they're refurbishing the car! When I sat in it... I couldn't really tell if I was enjoying the interior. It was... terrible inside since the wear was extremely conspicuous. Still, it was the best moment of my life :-P
  • J
  • October 5, 2010
I'm liking that gray, esp, the second shot...
  • M
    Mister Two
  • October 5, 2010
Either the camera quality is bad or the car is really dirty (most likely the former). Doesn't have the luster of the other colors at all.
  • T
  • October 6, 2010
man If Lexus let these guys touch this car... their work must be damn good.
Mister Two wrote:Either the camera quality is bad or the car is really dirty (most likely the former). Doesn’t have the luster of the other colors at all.
I think it's a combination of the rain and the camera quality -- I've seen better photos that I'm hoping to post once I get the proper permission.